Works by Schmidt & Lundtoft

Workshop and performances for and with children shifting roles as audiences, performers and creators exploring relationships between human and nature.

The Blue Hour
In the twilight we can experience a state of slowness and gradual change from where new energy can emerge. The performance invites audience and participants into moving, seeing and reflecting.

Signiture of Site
In different landscapes we invite children and adults to draw, move with and sense their surroundings. At the naturepark Himmelhøj we install dance in relation to landart by Alfio Bonanno. 

My Land is Your Land
We are looking for movement in what we find in the landscape and make compositions together. This becomes a dance ritual journeying from land to coast.
The Blue Hour, Kulturhus Kappelborg, 2021-22
Signiture of Site, Tvis Mølle Naturlaboratorium, Holstebro June August 2017
Amager Naturcenter, Tårnby September 2017
Kunst ved Kanalen
My Land is Your Land, Land-shape Land Art Festival
Filmpremier: Naturcenter Amager May 2018, Skagen Bio 2022

Supported by: Børns Møde med Kunsten, Frederikshavn Kommune, Holstebro Kommune, Tårnby Kommune, Huskunstnerordningen - Danish Arts Foundation

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