Paintformance is a research and performance practice combining drawing, painting and dance. Within labs fine artists and dancers are led into task-based improvisation, which focus on ways to approach movement, painting, drawing and interaction between these art forms. The methods aim to enable artists to communicate and perform regardless of the medium they are working in. The methodology is in continual development as it is influenced by the participating artists. The aim of the practice is to build tools for improvisation scores in performance. In paintformance, the art forms  of fine art and dance are completely interdependent.

The first paintformance installation was at The Place, London 2013. Labs have taken place at Morley College and The Place, 2012-2015. In 2014 Paintformance was a course in adult education at Morley College. Paintformance events takes place in open spaces, galleries and cultural institutions for audiences of all ages. The events have so far taken place outside the Serpentine Gallery’s Pavilion, and the Vibe Gallery, London. Viewers are invited for Q&A after.

Paintformance is the concept and initial idea for the film The Body Canvas. The film was made in collaboration with filmmaker Paul Vernon. The full length film UK premiered during the Zealous X art event 2013, London and was selected for Kaleidoscopic Arts Platform as part of Wandsworth Fringe Festival, UK 2015 and Young Choreographers, DK 2015.  A one minute excerpt was shown at performance s p a c e, London 2013 and Greensboro Dance Film Festival 2015.



Photos by Paul Vernon and Justinas Brikys

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