Den Blå Time sharing work-in-progress w. Birgitte Lundtoft at BIRCA, Bornholm august 2019
Af Lys er vi skabt
, afgangsprojekt af Oskar Jankovic mfl. på NEXT i København, Maj 2019
The Voters Valgmiddag
i samarbejde med kunstnerduoen Jens & Morten i Den gamle byrådssal I Roskilde, DK, Dec 2017
at Horsens Prison,  DK May 2017
Improvisation w. Practice Development Participants to livemusic by HALVCIRKEL, Dansekapellet, 1 September 2016
Human Proportions  a collaboration with Karl Fagerlund, Skagens Museum, J. F. Willumsen Museet, July & September 2016
Triptych, by Mara Vivas, Robin Howard Theater, UK March 2016

Dancing for research by Caroline Salem, UK March 2016
Moving Compositions, guest dance artist in live visual art production by Julia Kalache,
Clarence Mews, London, UK Feb and June 2015 & Feb 2016
Remember to Remember, by Mara Vivas, research and development, London, UK Feb 2016


Krinkelkroge performed and choreographed by Julie Schmidt Andreasen and Karl Fagerlund, Johannes Larsen Museet, 23 June, 2016

Triptych by Mara Vivas GoLIVE festival, The Lion & Unicorn Theatre, 18 June 2015, Robin Howard Theatre, London 19 Feb 2015 & 17, 18 March 2016

Moving Compositions Guest dance artist in live visual art production by Julia Kalache Clarence Mews, London Feb, June 2015, Feb 2016

Improvisation w. Birgitte Lundtoft Middelgrundsfortet, DK 18 Sep 2015

My Land is Your Land  w. Birgitte Lundtoft Land-shape Land art festival, DK 4-6 June & Kunst ved Kanalen, DK 8, 9, 10 Sep 2015

Above Below collaboration w Julie Sparsø Damkjær Boesdal Kalkbrud, Slagteriet Holstebro, Alt_CPH, DK, Jan, Juli, September 2015

SACRED SIMULATIONS collaboration w. Andreas Hald Oxenvad & Julie Damkjær  Kristkirken, DK 17 September 2015

Tik Tak Tuxen w. Karl Fagerlund, music composed and played by Miloud Sabri Skagens Museum, DK July 2014

Improvisation  w. Ouagadougou Company & Copenhagen Dream House Copenhagen, Søndermarken, Boblehallen, DK 31 May, 1, 8, 9 June 2014

The next room Cross-art Improvisation Performance involving audience participation w. The Next Room Barbican Pit Lab, London 2014

Chasing Tail by Julie Schmidt Andreasen, accompanied by live music Bussey Building, London 2014

Partial People by Joseph Lee Robin Howard Theatre, London 2014

Improvisation in collaboration with composer Jonathan Bell St Mary of Angels Church, London 2014

Filthy Lucre by Julie Schmidt Andreasen Bussey Building, London 2014

Zahhak Dance for opera, movement direction Rick Nodine Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts | Cambridge Concert Hall, UK 2013

SHIFT by Itamar Serussi The Place | Laban Theatre | Lilian Baylis Studio, London 2013

Darwin Building Orchestra film by Huishu Jia Royal College of Art, London 2013

Self-deception film by Francesco Ferrari The Place, London 2013

Breaking Trails by Sasha Roubicek Robin Howard Theater, London 2013

Duck man by Levantes Dance Theater Lilian Baylis Studios, London 2013

Drawn Together by John Close, Moving model for paintersZabludowicz Collection, London 2012

Who for? by Francesco Ferrari London Contemporary Dance School, London 2012

Olympic Opening Ceremony NHS section (lindyhop)  by Temujin Gill, Sunanda Biswas Olympic Stadium, London 2012

Not a single Lovebird by Julie Schmidt Andreasen London Contemporary Dance School, London 2012

Body Factory collaboration between Mansoor Ali and Jonathan Bell Robin Howard Theater, London 2011

Pellegrina by Jessica Sim London Contemporary Dance School, London 2011

Thinking About Zeno Video dance project by Julie Damkjær Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Denmark 2011

Camera Obscura by students at Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Denmark 2010

Finale examination performance with Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School,Gasværket Theater, Denmark 2009

Pippin Musical & Finale Dance Production with Heleneholms Gymnasium Dance Branch, Heleneholms Gymnasium & Palladium Theater, Sweden 2008

Rysarproduction, dance to live music played by Malmö Symfony orchestra Koncerthuset i Malmö, Sweden 2007

Giselle & composition-performance, Palladium Theater, Sweden 2007

Lazy Luci, Noget, 99,9 % hvid, Improvisation w. Junior Kompagniet, choreographies by Ari Rosenzweig, Thomas Eisenhardt amongst other Dansescenen, Denmark, 2004-2006

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