Residues – Julie Damkjær & Julie Schmidt Andreasen. Photo: Andreas Hald Oxenvad
One Step at A Time (2022)
Følgesvende og Ledestjerner (2021-23)
Water Buddies (2020)
V Figurines (2016-2018)
Polyopia (2017)
Human Proportions / Krinkelkroge (2016)
Above Below (2015)
Tik Tak Tuxen (2014)
Branches and Bones (2014)
Hula Hoops (2014)
Filthy Lucre (2014)
Painformance (2013)
Airways (2013)
Electric Kingdom  (2012)
Stop. Stop Here. (2011)

Cocreation - Schmidt & Lundtoft
The Blue Hour (2019-2022)
Signiture of site (2016-2018)
My Land is your land (2015) 


One Step at A Time

Scenekunstens Hus, Kulturmødet Mors 25th of August 
Dansekapellet, Copenhagen 27th of August Workshop & Extended Performance 
Dansekapellet, Copenhagen 28th of August 
Ildfluefestival, Holstebro 1st of September 
Åben Festival, Kildevæld Kulturcenter, Nordhavn 11th of September 
DYNAMO, Odense 26th of May 2022 (extract)

Choreography: Julie Schmidt Andreasen - Music: Andy Yeo - Dancers: Adrian Ulrich Skjoldborg & Nikoline Gervang Heimburger - Screenshots: Troels Hansen
Supported by Holstebro Dance Theatre, Dansk Skuespillerforbund, Dansekapellet

Følgesvende og Ledestjerner

Børnekulturhus Ama'r 2022 / Learning Programme & Extended Performance
Passage Festival 2021 
Åben Festival 2021 
Byfest, Lysringen Nordvest 2021/ Extended Performance

Supported by Danish Arts Foundation, Dansk Skuespillerforbund, Bispebjerg Bydelspulje, Dansekapellet, Smedetoften, Passage Festival, Københavns Kommune, Børnekulturhus Ama'r


V Figurines is a performance examining womanhood through sculpture and movement. The work is inspired by Venus figurines from the stone age and Marit Benthe Norheim’s Life-boats. Spectators are invited to sculpt a figurine to explore Venus as a woman; how do we know – and want to know her? The figurines are installed in relation to the performers awakening dances and characters in them.
Kulturmødet Mors 
Clay Keramikmuseum Danmark 
Artzone Festival, Kolding 
Kirsten Kjærs museum 
Haderslev havn 
Dansens dag in Dansehallerne  
24 August 2018
31 August 2018
1 September 2018
8-13 August 2017
15-16 August 2017
August 2018 & 2017
April 2016
June 2016
Supported by: Nordisk Kulturfond, Forsøgsstationen, Dansekapellet, Hoptrup Efterskole, Thisted Musikskole, Nippon Sport, Kirsten Kjærs Museum, Streetdome, Clay Keramikmuseum Danmark, Artzone Festival, BMMK, Region Nordjyllands lille kulturpulje, De frie Kulturmidler Morsø Kommune, Brenderup Højskole, Danish Arts Foundation

To read more go to Research Catalogue exposition: 


Horsens Prison 13-18 May 2017, as part of Aarhus EU Cultural Capital
Supported by Institut Francais, Forsøgsstationen, Ægirs  & Danish Arts Foundation
Film: Tamara Erde
Choreography: Julie Schmidt Andreasen
Dance: Signe Errboe & Julie Schmidt Andreasen


Screenshot: Paul Vernon
A study of the body as a constantly changing mass. Motifs that recur in J.F. Willumsen’s works is translated into dance sketches to undulating sounds in the exhibition 'I bølgen blå'.

Skagen Museer, 14-17 July 2016
J.F. Willumsen Museum, 24-25 September 2016

Supported by Dansk Skuespillerforbunds Produktions-støttemidler, Dansekapellet, Sound Spec, The Commedia School, Det Kongelige Danske Musikkonservatorium, Danish Arts Foundation


Photo: Emil Andresen. Choreography and dance: Julie Schmidt Andreasen & Karl Fagerlund
A physical and musical interaction with Bird Nest Installation by Alfio Bonanno. Taking comfort in the sense of belonging in one's own home. Investigating the nooks and crannies of our nest.

Johannes Larsen Museet, June 2016


A dance meditation on Laurits Tuxen's painting playing with perception and multidimensionality.

Skagens Museum 2014
Residency at Clarence Mews, London 2014

Supported by Kulturaftale Nordjylland, LOOP fitness Skagen, Dansekapellet, Skagens Museums Venner, Move Dansestudie

Above Below

Photo: Philip Engsig
A play on different physical and metaphysial preconditions. 

Live: Cph Alternative Arts Fair & Slagteriet 2015
Film: Boesdal Kalkbrud
Collaboration: Julie Schmidt Andreasen and Julie Sparsø Damkjær
Supported by Boesdal Kalkbrud

TRILOGY by Schmidt & Lundtoft

Workshop and performances for and with children shifting roles as audiences, performers and creators - exploring relationships between human and nature.


In the twilight we can experience a state of slowness and gradual change from where new energy can emerge. The performance invites audience and participants into moving, seeing and reflecting.


Photo: Troels Hansen
In different landscapes we invite children and adults to draw, move with and sense their surroundings. At the naturepark Himmelhøj we install dance in relation to landart by Alfio Bonanno. 

Film: Troels Hansen
Supported by: Holstebro Kommune, Tårnby Kommune & Huskunstnerordningen ved Danish Arts Foundation

Tvis Mølle Naturlaboratorium, Holstebro June August 2017
Amager Naturcenter, Tårnby September 2017
Filmpremier: Naturcenter Amager May 2018


We are looking for movement in what we find in the landscape and make compositions together. This becomes a dance ritual journeying from land to coast.

Supported by BMMK
Land-shape Land Art festival, 2015
Kunst ved kanalen, 2015

Branches and Bones

Workshops for all ages interested in performing whilst learning. An investigation in the architecture of the body and landscape.
Vallø Slotspark, DK 2014
Supported by Stevns Kommune

Hula Hoops

About everyday life circularity and when repetitiveness becomes a pleasure.
Robin Howard Theatre, London 2014
Supported by The Thanet & Clarence Mews

Filthy Lucre

Based on the theme Cult, the pieces touch upon power relations, obeisance and systems.
Dance quartet accompanied by live music
Bussey Building, London 2014
Supported by The Thanet and Filthy Lucre


A dance between men relating to the weight of their bodies and the weight of the planet's atmosphere.  ".. air is pushed into the body by atmospheric pressure that always surrounds you. The actual force that gets air into the body is outside the body."- Leslie Kaminoff.

Robin Howard Theater, London 2012

Electric Kingdom

In a kingdom where each plays a different role and speaks a different language, they all gather for an electric feast.

London Contemporary Dance School, London 2012

Stop. Stop here

A collage of what was heard on the street processed through movement, spoken words and sound. The piece explores the experience as a passer-by and as an audience whilst we are watching the piece.

Robin Howard Theater, London 2011